the spunks

hwachong institution
the funkiest kids in town!

adeline our asst ct rep
amanda so loud!
peiwen giggling crazily
siowkee sniggering to herself michelle mishes away
shumin the devil in disguise
angelique always philosophical
jaya laughing constantly
weihao kaobeis everyone
marcus talks so softly
benjamin so clever
chensin and his initiative
guoqi the class flag
shuyuan also very clever
gavin proedd little
lerong also also very clever
tingwei and his pet turtle Reddie
kenneth the cellist
yize the cute boy
lingchen the breaking of dawn
jeremy our ct rep
lim yi our very honest treasurer
liye the self-acclaimed hunk (eew) ashley grins!
jiada the BBOYer
tengseng singing in class
weiguo doodles


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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

cls lunch at 12.45pm!
meet at sch first then we decide where to eat.
gta eat somewhere near cos only hv one hr!
hmm maybe can eat somewhere more ex since we're earning munneeeh!! $.$
haha gg crazy before results~~

those confirm going:
kenneth, shuyuan, ben, weiguo, yize, limyi, jiada, tingwei and i!

those not sure:
ashley, marcus, angelique and liye. peiwen will go if she can wake up O.o

those nt going:
adeline, amanda, mish, jaya. all have plans/work b4 results.

so if any of you dun see your names here, quickly reply me!!
or just appear then and there at cls benchxD
cya all then~~
hv lots of nightmares the night b4~
good luck to everyone!!

shumin wished upon a star at 11:39 PM


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

sorry 6f... i cant go for class chalet.. BOO. i feel really bad.. im really sorry... sigh, hopes to see you guys soon.

These were once my dreams. wished upon a star at 2:57 PM


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Benjamin wished upon a star at 1:17 PM


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Class outing to East Coast Park!
Not a very big group but I do think it's the most fun we ever had! A nice break from pool/LAN/going to my house :)

We rode bikes (rollerbladed in peiwen's case), played cards, ate, and then went to the arcade where I played DDR for the first time (I'm horrible at it LOL).

Evil smile?

(This last photo looks kind of wrong...)


Benjamin wished upon a star at 9:52 PM


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hi everyone,

We're planning to study in school every day of the consultation period, meet at 9am at the class bench. Come on down if you're not otherwise occupied. Give a shout in the tagboard if you're going.

Benjamin wished upon a star at 7:57 PM


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wombats and kiwi!

Big wombat meets giraffes from Africa. Strangely he is bigger than them!

Wombat and bunbun (is that how it's spelled?)

Shuyuan got whacked by Adeline for filling up her sequence & series notes with random haiku

Benjamin wished upon a star at 4:15 PM


Thursday, July 17, 2008

One of the best attended outings ever. Unfortunately my camera has not been performing very well ever since I dropped it lens down on hard rocks (which was like 3 weeks after buying it).


Wei Guo smashes balls!

Wei Guo (not seen) and Angelique vs Gavin and Siow Kee
Siow Kee's first time playing table tennis!

Wei Guo, Michelle, Amanda and Siow Kee

Wei Guo and Gavin vs the weight stack

Pei Wen and Gavin

-- Commercial break --

Wombat at Stanford University campus
-- End commercial break --

Gavin, Yize, Jiada, Shuyuan playing Xbox 360

Tingwei, Chen Sin, Lingchen, Lim Yi and Shu Min playing mahjong in school u
(recommend demerit points)

Tingwei, Gavin, Ashley and Liye

Almost everyone who was around at the time + pizza!

Lim Yi, Gavin, Lingchen and Chen Sin

Nightlife in the toilet

Benjamin wished upon a star at 5:47 PM


07S6F :D